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At the Archipelago we deal with higher mathematics as we cover graph theory, abstract algebra, cryptology and other advanced topics. We stress the importance of mathematics in the modern world but also we focus a lot on history of mathematics which we find inspiring, yet virtually never taught in schools (at least that is the case in Poland).

Our other aim is to soften the transition from math in high school to a much more abstract approach employed in universities. We present techniques of prooving theorems to show mathematics as an open field of exploration not only a set of tools for calculations.

All in all, although there is content that overlaps with high school syllabus, for the teacher the Archipelago of Mathematics is much more appropriate as an extra-curricular activity.

English versions

Feel free to use these apps (they can be used offline).
If you would like to modify them, please contact us first.

Modulo TD play
a game about modular arithmetics, if you're not familiar with tower defence genre, general explanation is available online
Plane Section of Polyhedra play
interactive tool for exploring a topic in advanced stereometry

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